About This Committee

In February 2023 the Cape Carteret Board of Commissioners voted to form an advisory committee to complete the following objectives:

  • identify desired park improvements at the Town’s existing parks, with an emphasis on the four non-waterfront parks (Community Park, Bahia Lane Park, Quailwood Park, and the park area on Taylor Notion Road in front of Public Works Building).
  • identify neighborhood concerns and develop recommendations that will be supported by the neighborhood which any new park improvements would be installed
  • identify any parcels of land that the Town should consider acquiring (with grant funding) for future park development

Committee Schedule

Meeting DateTentative Meeting ObjectivesDeliverables
March 25-Review Board of Commissioners Objectives
-Committee Member Introductions
-Discuss Park Elements
-Discuss Mechanisms to Secure Public Input
April 25-Finalize Mechanisms to Secure Public Input
-Finalize Committee Schedule
-Discuss Data Acquisition Strategy
Committee Schedule
May 23-Finalize Data Acquisition Strategy
-Assign Coverage Areas to Committee Members
Committee Member Assignments
June 27-In-Process Review
July 25-Member’s Data Presentation to Committee
-Discuss Final Presentation to Board of Commissioners
August 22-Finalize Board of Commissioners PresentationCommittee Results for Board of Commissioners

Committee Canvas Zones

Beginning in June 2023, the advisory committee will embark on collecting input from the Town of Cape Carteret’s citizens pertaining to the likes and dislikes about the different aspects of things included in a park. Committee members will be going door to door to meet with citizens and fill out a questionnaire that will later be used to develop the Town’s parks. The Town has been divided into eight zones for each of the committee’s members to collect the data throughout the Town.

Zone NumberZone NameCommittee Member Assigned
1Bonita to Anita ForteTBD
2Anita Forte to Deer CreekTBD
3Bayshore EastTBD
4Bayshore WestTBD
5Star Hill NorthTBD
6Star Hill EastTBD
7Star Hill WestTBD
8Ardan OaksTBD

Citizen Input and Feedback

The most important component in this advisory board’s recommendations to the Board of Commissioners is that this board receive high quantity and quality citizen feedback. To provide feedback, follow this link to our Google Form, or you can scan the QR code below.

You can also visit our table at the following Town’s upcoming events:

  • Sounds by the Sound Concert – Wednesday, June 14 – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Sounds by the Sound Concert – Wednesday, July 12 – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm